My Everyday Is Changing

First off if you are still here thank you so much. I am sorry I have been away for a while now and have been dealing with the many things that life brings but I am going to try again to do this the right way. From this point on I am going to try to just share my life with you all and pretend that you want to read it. This may end up being just a diary for me to remember my life and remember to find the good as well as the bad or this could turn into a community of loving people who are going through life at about the same pace.

For those of you that are new my name is Marley. I am married as of this past September and trying to get ahold of what it means to be a wife to my husband and find out what normal is going to be for us. I am not going to pretend I have my life together or that I am an expert on anything and I will do my best to not try to be a YouTube while blogging. I am not going to have the best grammar, I will use slang words and I will not pretend I am perfect on here. (That’s what instagram is for anyways.)

The last time I took the time to sit down and write to you all I was talking about my pregnancy scare that lead to my disappointment about not being pregnant. (I think the name of the article was “Story Time: Pregnancy Scare…Disappointment?”) Now I can tell you a little more on that subject. My husband and I were not intending to have children for a couple of years and we were not sure my body would even allow a pregnancy. I found out before our engagement that children would be difficult because of my damaged reproductive organs. (I may explain that at a later date.)

Fast forward about a month and a half after that post my husband and I still were not trying get pregnant but I had reason to believe that I could be pregnant. I was still feeling sick on and off, always tired and then Aunt Flo did not come for a visit. Of course I take another pregnancy test. Who am I kidding? I took 2 that day and another the following day! All came out positive!

In efforts to catch you all up here are the bullet points. I am 16 weeks pregnant now. I am due Nov. 18,2019. We do not know the sex of our baby and have not decided if we want to know the gender or not. We have picked a few names but have not set anything in stone. That is all we know as of now but I will keep you posted.

Right now I am preparing my checklist of what all I need to purchase for baby, cleaning (A LOT) and trying to get throught next weeks genetic testing. I am a bottle of nerves!

I will write you soon good night honey.



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