Story Time :Pregnancy Scare… Disappointment?

   I have been sick for a week or longer now and like most 21 year olds I do not want to go to the doctor if it is nothing more than a little bug. Finally, today it got to a head and I got sick at work (physically ill) and I decided that it was best I just leave, rest, and try to get over this. Of course I started looking at all my symptoms: nausea, fatigue, loss of focus, stomach bloating, stomach pain, decreased appetite and light-headedness/dizziness. What does all that together make me think of? PREGNANCY ! Of course we are using preventive measures, but nothing is 100% and I may have missed a pill or any other number of things that could lead to it failing. At first I put this idea to the side and did not think much of it until people I was talking to asked the magic question, ” Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?”.

  As newlyweds we have “planned” for a family a couple of years down the road but definitely not right now we know that it would not be the ideal time to bring children into our family. As you can imagine the idea of being pregnant was not even real at this point but I thought better safe than sorry and bought a pregnancy test. I almost laughed at the fact I was even thinking of it as a possibility but none the less it was time to ‘pee on a stick’.

     Long story short the test was negative. There is no “baby fish” on the way and I am relieved because it is not time for our family to grow but I am a little disappointed because the idea was exciting. The reason I think it was a little exciting is because I am going to have difficulties conceiving or so I have been told (by a medical professional) so the idea that I could be expecting with the odds stacked against me was so intriguing.

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