New Year Activity List

 Now that the new year is here many of us have a new found drive to do something more that we have not done in 2018 and making memorize. I do not see myself going skydiving or climbing a mountain but there are a few things that I would like to accomplish. Some of the ideas listed below are as simple as trying a new restaurant so I think everyone will find an idea they may want to try or that will give them ideas.

Larger Goals- Day to Day

  1. Go on our honeymoon. My husband and I got married in September and we really did not have a chance to go on a honeymoon so we are hoping that this year around our first anniversary we will get the opportunity.
  2. Get more organized. As simple as this sounds it is something that I struggle with. I will start in one room doing a basic task and instead of finishing that basic task I start more and more. As a result my “simple project” becomes a very hectic weekend. I want to get it all figured out and everything have a place this year.
  3. Find a rhythm! In our day-to-day life there does not seem to be a flow. My husband and I work different shifts and it makes it a little harder to keep our house in order during the week. I want to be better about having a schedule to a degree this makes me feel in control of my surroundings. There are basic things that we both know are going to have to be done so why not just make it were we have it set? The biggest chunk of this to me is chorus so I want to have it where I know on Sunday is the day I do dot dot dot and that be the end of it.
  4. Find inner peace. That sounds a lot deeper than it actually is. I want to simply find some peace in my life and not let the same things that bothered me in 2018 bring me anxiety this year. This may mean finding new ways to let things do and when I feel something causing an issue address it in a more direct way rather than “ignoring” it and letting it keep me up at night.
  5. Make time to grow as a couple. My husband -Robert- and I have been together the majority of six years before getting married and moving in together. In a lot of ways this is great but it also makes us the “old married couple” in the eyes of many of our friends. Since we have been together so long we are in a stage of being content with just being together and do not have to be under each other all the time or go out as much as others. Unfortunately, this has also makes us both a little blind to the things that we need to work on as a couple. For examples, I am needy my husband mentally knows that but where we are now I have to remind him in a subtly manner. By subtle I mean sitting in his lap and saying ” I need you to love me” he is not very good at picking up on things f him to realize that I am for unplugged time together

Smaller Goals- Can Be Done In A Day or Weekend

  1. Try Big Mike’s Steakhouse in Andalusia, Alabama. This is a really small and random but last Christmas in 2017 Robert, my middle sister and I went to Andalusia to cANDYland (yes that is how it is spelled) and we could smell Big Mike’s from the square and if it was not for the 2 hour wait we would have definetly tried it then.  Also this is something we could easily do we just have not been back to Andalusia so we have just lusted for their steak via Facebook.
  2. Go to a drive in movie. The closest one for us is 2+ hours away so we just have not made a point to go. I romanticize old school dates and I just think it is an experience that sounds like something fun and different. 
  3. Go to a car show. My husband and I like talking about cars together he knows much more about them as far as specs are concerned I just enjoy muscle cars for some reason. 
  4. Visit Helen, Georgia and see the little German town. It looks like it would be so interesting and around Christmas they are said to have a gorgeous lights display.
  5. Riverboat Ride! Why not? The idea of a riverboat ride is not as scary to me as other large boat adventures.


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