Youtubers I am Enjoying

I am a Youtube binge watcher. I randomly go through and watch hours of Youtube videos while doing laundry, cleaning house, or cooking its not much different that watching tv for me. I like being able to just see things that are most interesting to me in that moment, below are a few youtubers that I currently enjoy following. My enjoying these videos does not mean that I approve or support every single thing that they have in every single video. I am trying to have “buffet” vision, what I mean by this is I am taking from the videos what I want and leaving the rest. These are not in any particular order just at random.

“This Gathered Nest” by Angela Braniff


“This Gathered Nest” is about a family of 9 Angela, her husband, and seven children. This vlog tells an amazing story about her family as a whole and about how their family has grown and come to be what it is today. Angela had two daughters (Kennedy and Shelby) by natural means. Later Noah was adopted from the Congo, Jonah from the United States (domestic adoption), and Rosie was adopted from China. The miracle of embryo adoption made it possible to have two more sweet baby girls Emilia and Ivy.

“Thataylaa” by Taylor

Taylor is a beauty vlogger that loves to travel and takes her subscribers along for the ride. She became really popular for her “Foundation Friday” videos were she did not use outragous filters to cover her acne/ scarring and showed how good foundation really was or was not when it was applied to real skin. Many people like myself love that she shows the reality of makeup that YouTube seems to be lacking. She comes across as your girl next door or a best friend you call and chat with every few days about makeup and travel.

Savannah Brymer

Savannah does a little bit of it all such as “drive with me”, makeup tutorials, music playlists suggestions and true crime. This is another Youtuber that in my opinion makes you feel more like you are friends and is not so plastic or overly filtered. She is fun and very light hearted in most videos (true crime excluded).

Bella Fiori

Bella and Sav fall into the same category in many ways and post a lot of similar content. Bella does mostly crime based content overall though. The videos can be about serial killers, conspiracy theorists, as well as solved/unsolved cases. These are not for the faint of heart but are by no means visually graffic. She dives into many details and theories about each case and has built a community of people that like trying to come up with what they believe happened.

Kendall Rae

Kendall is the last one in this category. She does very similar content to those listed above but has some videos about more taboo subjects such as ghost, aliens, and psychics. She does an amazing job of doing updates on popular cases as well as covering current events.

Loey Lane

Loey is mostly ghostly. She investigated haunted locations and explores paranormal stories. She loves discussing the spooky side of the internet and often reads “creepypasta” or thriller short stories which for strange people like me is pretty interesting. In addition to the paranormal activity taking place on her channel she vlogs and explores plus size fashion.

Hailey Reese

Loey and Hailey often call each other “soul siblings” and as such their channels favor one another. They can often be found on one anothers channels as friends or as partners in investigation. Hailey loves to give messages of life and love while keeping things spooky. She also likes to show off her shopping addiction and sweet pup Ace.

I am going to stop at 7 for now so I do not make this annoyingly long but if you enjoy this kind of information please let me know and I will be happy to make this a series. For now I hope this helps you find some new entertainment and maybe explore a new area on YouTube.

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